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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Join Me At the Hoodoo Workshops

May 5th and 6th Lucky Mojo is holding its annual Hoodoo Workshops with nationally renown and famed rootworkers and conjure doctors gathering together to share secrets, teach, and mingle.

I'll be presenting two workshops. The first will focus on spirit traps and vessels. I will go over various traditional techniques from Europe, Africa, and the Middle East on making spirit traps, djinn vessels, and demon bowls. Each student will then make a fully functioning spirit trap under my direction to take home and employ. We will start the hands on portion with a small rite that will capture any lingering malevolent forces and then move to crafting the spirit bottles. All supplies will be provided.

The second workshop is a pannel discussion where I will join Dr. E, Cat Yronwode, Nagasiva Yronwode, Ms. Robin, and Deacon Millett to share the secrets of curses. We will mention esoteric techniques from the various ATRs and Hoodoo and will teach how to make your curses effective. We will go beyond the basics of curses to delve into some of the more unique methods.

This years workshops are one of a kind with classes and topics you won't find anywhere else. We have workshops on bone readings, Santisima Muerte, spirit traps, mojo bags and much more so be sure to sign up and don't miss out on this rare opportunity.

So come join us. For more information click here: http://missionaryindependent.org/workshops.html

And be sure to come up to me and introduce yourself.


C.Fletcher said...

Wow...what a shame I live in a Land Down Under :P I'm sure it would be a awesome workshop!! :D

ConjureMan Ali said...

That's the second time someone's mentioned the Land Down Under to me, now :-).

I think this set of workshops really are unique. You don't see this stuff taught anywhere else. I've also taught a modifed version of the spirit trap course before and it was wildly successful. This version is going much more in depth.

sara magnuson said...

Hi Conjureman Ali! Can't wait for your classes and so grateful you're sharing your knowledge with us. :)
Sara Magnuson

ConjureMan Ali said...

Thanks Sara, I look forward to it too.

C.Fletcher said...

The second person to mention the Land Down Under? -giggles- Oh boy, we need you guys here! :D I wish I had the opportunity to attend. -sobs sobs- :)

Unknown said...

Greetings ConjureMan Ali. Im very new to the whole Idea of Hoodoo. But i will be coming down to Lucky Mojo to attend your course on spiritual protection.

I work on a Paranormal research team (NorCal Paranormal Investigators, 6 years of working with spirits so far.) that is has been doing less and less "investigations" and more and more "spiritual counseling and spirit removal/mediation."

So im really looking forward to meeting you and learning some new practical methods to help clients.