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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Workshop on Skull Sorcery

This year at the Missionary Independent Spiritual Church Workshops, I will be teaching an awesome workshop on Skull Sorcery, how to summon the spirits of the dead to influence the mind and heart of people for cursing, love, healing, and much more. This is going to be an awesome workshop where you'll have a chance to learn little known techniques and will walk away with a fully-prepared and functional ritual skull. Don't miss out.

In addition to my own workshop, the best of the best in the conjuring world will be gathering together for the May workshops to bring to you some awesome topics. Dr. E will be teaching a stellar workshop on Rustic Oil Lamps, cat yronwode will be teaching traditional candle magic, Deacon Millett will be teaching sweetening spells and there will be so much more. In addition to the workshops there are great takeaways like oil lamps, skulls, candles as well as the release of three new books which will be included in the workshops.

You get a chance to take some amazing workshops taught by the best of the best in the hoodoo community, mingle with colleagues, take home awesome gifts, and get readings from professionals face-to-face. So be sure to sign up and join us May 4th and 5th for a magical weekend. Whether you are a beginner or advanced practitioner, the workshops hold something for everyone.

To learn more check out the site here.