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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Predictions and Life Reading for Prince George

In cultures around the world, the birth of a child was often accompanied by predictions about the child's life. Whether you were in a village in the middle of Angola, or in the urban sprawl of London, it was not common that you'd visit the local diviner to hear what the stars or fates had in store for your newborn. In Europe and the Middle East, astrology and geomancy were often turned to for such prediction. During the apogee of both of these sacred arts, royals would often have court astrologers and geomancers who would ply their divinatory skills to ferret out hidden answers to various questions. It was not uncommon, for example, to ask about the tide of a battle, or the chances of a marriage. But like their folk and popular counterparts, the court diviner was also called upon to read the life of a newborn, especially one born to the court. 

In this age-old tradition, I have decided to cast a quick geomantic chart on Prince George of Cambridge, the new prince of England and son of Prince William and Kate. His birth a few weeks back offers a great opportunity to demonstrate one of the traditional uses of geomancy and to revive a practice that has fallen out of favor in more modern time--predictions revolving around birth and the destiny that comes with it. I have personally found that the two best divination methods for long-term predictions, especially about life are geomancy and astrology. In the geomancy that follows we focus heavily on the position of the geomantic figures in the astrological houses. 

I used my raml dice (a unique set of four die joined together specifically used for geomancy in North Africa, India, and Pakistan) to birth the figures and then produced the chart which is depicted above. 

Staring with the first house we have Conjunctio revealing the character of the young price. He is going to be charming, attractive, slender of build, beautiful luminous eyes, will be inclined to travel, popular, but inclined towards privacy and needing his own space. He will have a mischievous sense of humor and twinkle in his eye but can be quite serious and thoughtful when called for. In him we find the balance between his uncle Harry and his father William in terms of disposition and in terms of charm and articulation we find his mother. 

The second house shows us Laetitia which passes also into the sixth house. Financially he will be well off as he will likely have access to wealth that was built for him, but he will also take up service himself to further compliment his finances. He will be inclined towards humanitarian causes, will be quite generous especially to those who work for him and serve under him, and will manage his money more with his heart than mind. We will find in him a man who is given to causes, especially helping those less fortunate and those dealing with illnesses and disease. 

The third house contains Amissio which passes into the fourth house. On one level the presence of Amissio in the third house tells us that when it comes to his communication style, the young price will be soft, tactful, but honest. It also tells us that he will likely have siblings, or cousins, and be raised surrounded by family and in a homey environment. The passing to the fourth house shows us an environment where he will likely not be living on the premises of any inherited paternal property, but will instead reside in more humble, but comfortable arrangements. Indeed, property inheritance may not feature in his life until a much later age. 

In terms of schooling his father will play a very big role and he may follow in his footsteps. His father's influence is going to be very tempering for the young prince but he will be encouraged to follow his passions and interests. 

Caput Draconis in the fifth house shows us a strong, active boy who will be involved in outdoor activities, sports, and enjoy games. He may be inclined to wagering a bit here or there and will be especially fond of more outdoor activities like football and horseback riding. He will be very fortunate and skilled in sports as well as have good fortune in wagers. 

He will carry on the family line by having a child of his own, who will likely be a boy. 

In the seventh house appears Puella, indicating that he will have a beautiful love-life and will probably get married around his late 20's to early 30's (likely 29). While he will eventually get married, the passing of Puella to the twelfth house tells us that he's going to keep his romantic and dating life hidden as much as possible. He's going to struggle to keep things private and there will be quite some speculation regarding it. However, he will indeed settle down and get married with a beautiful woman who like him will be very home and family oriented. Traditional geomancy tells us that she will be quite attractive, with beautiful eyes, soft lips, and a very attractive, melodious voice. She may be younger than him by a few years as well. 

The passing of Puella to the twelfth house does warn that there is a chance for him having an affair, or that his future wife, when he meets her, will be involved with another at the time. There will however be some controversy regarding his love life and he will strive to keep as much of it under wraps as possible. This is all where the projection of points lands revealing a bit of what is going on behind the curtain in his future. 

In the eight house we have Populus which also passes to the tenth house. He will deal with a series of deaths in his family, specifically revolving around the maternal and female figures in his family. In addition to the death of his great grandmother, the queen, other close females to him will also pass and the death of them will impact him rather strongly and will be part of popular news. He may have one female death after another. Theses deaths will also raise his standing and station in society as well as gain him an inheritance. This seems to logically point to the fact that as the queen passes, he'll be one step closer to the throne. 

The indication here is that he indeed will eventually sit on the throne and be a very popular and well-loved king. 

I also see here that he will likely be very close to his mother who will be the biggest influence on him when it comes to his public life. 

The ninth house contains Cauda Draconis which is a very interesting figure in the ninth house. Traditional khatt al raml interpretations indicate that Cauda Draconis in the ninth house points to a person who is a radical, apostate, and who will likely hold to revolutionary or unique philosophical outlooks. It is possible that he may have some revolutionary approaches to time-old institutions like the Church of England and he is likely going to bring about some interesting changes. While something like him being an apostate or convert to another religion is possible, it is more likely he may make changes to the role of the monarchy to the Church of England. 

This is a young prince who upon becoming king will break with the past. 

Via in the eleventh house shows us that the young prince will be popular, but will be more inclined towards a small group of friends who will travel with him, and that he will have friends from all walks of life. He is not someone who will be restricted to the bubble-like life of most princes, but will be exposed to a variety of friends and people. Via in traditional khatt al raml has a unique position among the figures and following that tradition, its position in the eleventh house shows us that his friendships with people from all walks of life will have a deep impact on him and his outlook. 

Finally, we examine the guardian genius of the prince as found in geomancy and we see a man who will struggle between the traditions of the past and the modernization of the monarchy. He will struggle greatly balancing the public and private aspects of his life and though will be charming and gracious will have a deep need for privacy and space. He will be inclined towards pensiveness at times and will struggle with some deep spiritual and humanitarian questions.  

We also see the influence of the Mansion of the Moon Saa'd Al Suud in this chart and his birth revealing a person who will be very close to his mother--confirming the earlier prediction--who will be deeply connected to home and hearth and who will be focused on giving sustenance to others. He will be well-mannered, well-liked, with a beautiful spirit and will live a blessed life. 

Overall, geomancy reveals a very interesting life for the prince and shows us a man who will live a blessed life, who will sit on the throne himself, but who will also be a person with deep personal struggles which will impact the changes he brings when he ascends the throne. 

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Saturday, August 10, 2013

Book Review: St. Cyprian and the Sorcerous Transmutation

It is no secret that I am a fan of Nicholaj de Mattos Frisvold and consider him to be one of the preeminent magical authors of our age. So when, I heard that he had released a booklet through Hadean Press on my patron, Saint Cyprian, I could not wait to order it.

I received the book this past week--Hadean Press prompt as usual--and have read it probably half a dozen times. Nicholaj does something that few authors in the magical community can, he is able to blend stellar scholarship with piercing spiritual insight. Saint Cyprian and the Sorcerous Transmutation is a small book, but jam packed with spiritual insight on the nature of Saint Cyprian, especially his transformation from the sorcerous saint of Spain and Portugal to one among the the legions of Exu and Quimbanda.

The books traces the historical migration and transmutation of Cyprian, discussing the Cyprianic magic that takes root in the New World, and the deeper mysteries of Cyprian as the head of the African Line and Line of Souls as found in the Afro-Brazilian religions. In addition to the insights one can find several workings with Cyprian which reveal a bit of the flavor of the magic and macumba which he influences.

It is a great book with something for everyone. Whether you are simply researching, working with him, or curious about the magic of Spain and Portugal, or want to know about macumba and Quimbanda, the book will prove enlightening and useful. Within its pages is an opportunity to find the fusion of folk magic from Europe with the black magic of Brazil, blended with the ancestral wisdom retained from Africa.

You can find the book here: http://www.hadeanpress.com/portfolio/st-cyprian-the-sorcerous-transmutation/