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Friday, September 26, 2014

Seership with Saint Cyprian

In honor of Saint Cyprian's feast day, I thought I would share a working with him for seership. This is particularly good at developing clairvoyant abilities, or the ability to contact and see spirits. I've also done an interview for Coastside Conjure over at her blog on this wonderful saint. Be sure to head over there and check it out.

What you'll need:

Cup of Water
Florida Water
Small Cauldron or Heatproof bowl
Purple Candle
Altar or place to work
Image of Saint Cyprian
Saint Cyprian's Oil-- I personally recommend Lucky Mojo's Saint Cyprian Oil or Wolf and Goat's
Charcoal and censer.

First cleanse the surface or altar that you are going to be working with. I personally use an herb bundle made from Basil and Rosemary which I dip into holy water and asperge. You can use whatever you wish. Then set up your altar so you have the image of Saint Cyprian towards the back, his purple candle next to him on the left and the cup of water on the right. Before this set up your censer and charcoal and in front of this your cauldron. The placement should roughly look like a cross with Saint Cyprian at the top, the candle and cup of water for the left and right arms and the censer and cauldron as the long bottom leg.

Now, light your candle as you call out Saint Cyprian's name nine times. Dip your fingers in the water and lightly anoint the image of Saint Cyprian as you ask for his aid in contacting the world of spirit. Dip your fingers in the water again and use the water to lightly wash your eyelids as you ask for the sight to peer into the realm of spirit.

Next take your Saint Cyprian oil and anoint the feet and head of the image of Saint Cyprian as you pray silently to him. Then anoint your head at the area between your eyebrows and your chest. Spend a few moments feeling the presence of Saint Cyprian and listening to see if he provides any specific guidance. He may require an additional offering like a glass of wine or have a message for.

When you are ready, take up your charcoal and light it in the candle. Once it is lit place back in censer and sprinkle your Mugwort on the heated coals. Let the smoke waft up. With your hand lightly draw the smoke towards you and inhale a little bit. You aren't trying to inhale so much that you are coughing, but rather let it touch your nose, smell it, and let the smoke penetrate your spirit.

The fumes are meant to open up your senses, to induce trance, and help your sight develop. You don't need a lot of it.

Now take your Florida Water and pour a small amount into the cauldron. You don't want a lot lest you cause an uncontrollable blaze, just a little bit. Light the Florida Water and peer into the flames. Let your mind go completely blank and allow Saint Cyprian to show you the visions you need to see. Some see the images in the flames themselves and others in their mind as their eyes glaze over. Whatever you do, do not force the visions to come. Let them come as they may. It is an exercise in letting go of your senses and allowing Saint Cyprian to guide you.

Keep watching until the flames die down or the visions end. Thank Saint Cyprian for his assistance. Offer him some more incense as an offering. Then go and write down the images that you saw. Conclude by taking a nice cooling bath made of Coconut Water, Basil, and Rue.

This technique is great for developing your ability to scry with the assistance of Saint Cyprian. It can help with contacting a specific spirit of your choice. You can place the seal of that spirit under the cauldron, or if it is a spirit of the dead you can add a few bits of their graveyard dirt into the cauldron or their picture below. It can also be used to contact other spirits like angels, or to see the the future. The rite can be altered according to purpose.

It is important however to spend time after the ritual writing down what you saw, even if you think you can remember it. Write down every detail no matter how trivial as it will reveal itself pertinent in time. Then make sure to take the cleansing bath.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Working with Cyprian and Office Closed from 9/18-9/21

ConjureMan's Spiritual Practice will be closed from 9/18-9/21 for ritual matters. We will be back in office the 22nd. Please allow a few days for us to catch up on emails.

As part of Saint Cyprian's upcoming feast day the Order of Saint Cyprian and I will be working a collective rite aimed at social change and enlightenment. We will also be taking individual names for people who'd like to receive blessings from the ritual. You can email us your name and we shall add it to our public altars.

ConjureMan Ali