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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Exorcism and Cleansing a Place of a Spirit

Every once in a while we come across places that simply have an "off" vibe. Usually this can mean anything from getting a weird feeling, to sensing a presence in the house, to full on manifestation of spiritual activity like movement of objects, attacks, and chaos. What we have is a spirit that has either been attached to the place by another spiritual worker, or one that has attached itself for whatever reason.

In an earlier post I mentioned one way of actually getting a spirit into another person's house in order to accomplish the task of driving that person out. While this work may seem heavy-handed to some, it in reality is actually is milder than most Hot Foot work which can cross a person up and send them roaming restlessly. The spirit that is sent is attached to place so the work is conditional. So long as they remain in that place they are under the pall cast the presence. But now what do you do with the spirit? It's time to cleanse, cleanse, and cleanse.

Before we move into the actual cleansing part of the work there are a few things to consider before undertaking such work. First and foremost make sure that you have the skill to actually deal with an entity. Cleansing a home of a spirit is different from cleaning up messes. There is a level of skill and knowledge that is necessary for work. Make sure you have this before you attempt this. If you do not then get a professional involved to help out. The second thing to consider is whether or not the spirit is there for a specific reason. If you have the ability to commune with spirits, or if you are a talented diviner this is the time to figure out why the spirit is there in the first place.

This step can be crucial because the answers you receive can determine the approach you need to take in order to dislodge that spirit. Was the spirit sent there by another spiritual practitioner? Did the spirit used to live where it is now haunting? Is the spirit there for a specific reason; i.e. visiting a living family member?

All of these questions can lead you down a different path. For example, a spirit on a specific task can be dismissed if the task it was set to has been accomplished. On the other hand if the spirit is still on a "mission" then it may take you getting some serious guns out to deal with the power of the other magician whose will holds the spirit there.

For the purposes of this blog, we are going to approach the cleansing like the spirit is attached to a house, unwilling to leave.

What you need:
Camphor resin
Chinese Floor Wash
2 Charcoals and Brazier to burn it on
Bucket of Spring Water and Mop
White candle
Image of St. Michael

Enter into the place where the spirit is haunting and set everything on the floor. Kneel and begin by praying sincerely that you are able to cleanse and make this place inhabitable once more. Take your charcoal, light it and place it in your brazier. Take the Camphor resin in your hand and pray over it. Pray that as it burns that it drives out all spirits that dwell in the house. Begin sprinkling a bit of the resin on the charcoal. This will release the fumes.

Now go into each and every room of the house swinging the brazier back and forth while praying that whatever spirit lives in the house that it be driven out. In your other hand hold the image of St. Michael. Call out to the archangel and pray:

"Blessed Saint Michael, Archangel of the Lord;

I call on you to drive from this home the spirit that dwells in unrest.

As you drove out the Devil from the abode of heaven so too drive out this

devilish presence. Oh purest of the Heavenly Host, Oh Commander

of the Lord's Host, cleanse this house!"

After you've prayed over each room as you've fumigated it go back to where you set up all your items and dump out the charcoal and Camphor into a plate. Next light another charcoal and repeat the process of going into each room to fumigate, but this time sprinkle your Frankincense on the charcoal. Make sure to pray over the resin, this time to purify the house.

As the incense smoke rises up make sure that it fills each room, replacing the void left by the Camphor. Pray again, but this time call upon the Archangel Raphael.

"Beloved Archangel Raphael,

Healer of the Lord, Hear my prayer.

In the Name of our beloved Lord I ask that you cleanse this house

I ask that you heal this house,

I ask that you make whole this home.

In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost Amen."

Make sure to get the smoke from the Frankincense into each room. Once you've fumigated the entire house again. Go back and get ready for the finally bit of cleansing.

Fill your bucket up with warm water and add in your Chinese Floor Wash. Now take this mixture and mop the house from back to front, top to bottom. As you do so pray that all the negativity and all messes be cleansed right out.

This act of physically cleaning the place brings down the spiritual act of cleansing into the visceral and physical, lending itself to a beautiful right that works on both spiritual planes and physical ones.

Make sure to thoroughly cleanse the entire house. Now if the house has carpets you can put the mixture into a spray bottle and gently spray the carpets from back to front while lightly taking a broom or sponge to it.

Now take your white candle to the center of the home and light it while praying a quite blessing on the place. Let it burn down and collect the residue and dump it into the plate with the Camphor residue, Frankincense residue, and the charcoals. Take this all out to a crossroads and dump it out without looking back.

This should thoroughly cleanse the house of all spirits, settle the home down, and once more make it inhabitable.

Next blog we'll talk about spirit traps.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

RuneSoup Give away!

Gordon over at the Rune soup is having a great give away! He's recently come back from the beautiful city of Florence--which is one of my favorite cities in the whole world and is doing a give away. This is your chance to get some awesome Catholic folk-magic goodies. Check it out!

Good luck all contestants.