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Friday, January 17, 2014

Remembering Dr. E

Dr. E holding a rustic lamp for his workshops at the Lucky Mojo Hoodoo Heritage Festival. Photo taken by the brilliant Coastside Conjure
On Tuesday one of the hoodoo communities shinning stars passed from this world. Eddy, known professionally as Dr. E, was a pillar of the community and he touched many around the world. He worked tirelessly as a professional conjure doctor and reader for those who needed help, provided top notch spiritual products, was involved in the pagan community as an elder through the founding of the Unnamed Path, and was a teacher and advocate in the Lukumi community. He leaves behind a legacy of integrity that will be felt by all who met him.

Besides being a professional colleague, Eddy was a close and personal friend who I loved dearly. I first met Eddy professionally a few years back and because we lived relatively close to one another met in person and quickly became friends. We talked often and some of my favorite memories are the times we got together for a whole day of magic and fun. I remember having Khi and Eddy over at my place for what was suppose to be an afternoon of readings, hang out, and fun but we were having such a blast that a quick get together for lunch turned into dinner and talks into the dark of the night. It was a day filled with spirits, readings, laughter, and true magic. For me, Eddy was one of the handful of people I considered more than a friend, but a true spiritual brother and part of my family.

Anyone who truly knew Eddy knew his sense of humor. Eddy could crack up anyone. With a sharp wit and a biting sense of humor it wasn't long before your cheeks were hurting from smiling and laughing. For me the Spirit of the Seven Elephants will go down in history and infamy.

Though he was on this plane for only a short time and gone far too soon, his impact on the communities and people he touched will continue on. His loss will continue to be felt as the communities try to regather. My mind still reels that we were talking only hours before he passed. For his loved one's we will miss him sorely, but know that he makes way the path that one day we all will walk. Rest in peace with blessings, dear brother. Until we meet again.