A collection of ConjureMan Ali's thoughts about magic, the occult, and spirituality.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Conjuring for Art

I consider myself a great lover of art and beauty and it is my hope that everyday we grow towards a more beautiful world.

As an academic and historian, I have been a big proponent of a new cultural renaissance for years now. I believe that as a society, despite the unprecedented availability of information, we demonstrate all the trappings of a "dark age." While it is true that the "dark ages" were far more transformative than many think, it still is an age we should try avoid returning to.

In addition to my efforts at the university level I have taken to conjure to tackle this situation. For years, I have performed a yearly blessing rite for clients, readers, friends, but also for aspiring artists, scholars, and those called to transform this world into a more beautiful place.

I keep the heat of this work going all year long by performing a simple candle rite every Sunday or Thursday depending on the inclination of Spirit.

For those who are interested in making this world a better place then you might want to add your own light.

Here's a simple rite you can do:

What you'll need:

Some beautiful music (Please choose a musician of real talent, not these pop singers)
1 white candle
A plate
Rose Petals
Holy Oil (711 Holy Oil is great)
Map of the world
Blessing Incense
Thurible to burn the incense (thuribles usually have a chain to be hung from)

Put your music on and set the map of the world on your altar and on top of this set up your plate. Dress your candle with Holy Oil while reciting Psalm 23 and set this on the plate. Light your candle and take a few minutes to enjoy the beauty of the flame and relish in the sound of the music.

Now light your incense in your thurible and say, "I light this incense in honor of the spirit of Beauty, Truth, and Knowledge."

As the incense is wafting up, take your Holy Oil and pour it out gently all around the plate in a ring, praying from your heart that beauty, goodness, and enlightenment grow in our world. Now sprinkle your Rose Petals on the oil so they are floating around the candle.

Now take up your thurible and slowly swing it in a clockwise circle around your candle and map saying, "Spirit of Beauty, Truth, and Knowledge shine your light in our dark world, rise us up from ignorance and barbarism into enlightenment. Usher us into an age of where true talent, art, and knowledge is cultivated and cherished. In the name of Jesus, amen."

Spend a few moments listening to the music, basking in the glow of the candle, and letting your prayers and thoughts reach the farthest reachest of our world.

Remember that a simple candle can light up a dark room and if enough candles are lit a sea of light will blaze up and make this world just that much more beautiful.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Honoring Saint Cyprian and Improving Magical Practice

In honor of Saint Cyprian's upcoming feast day, here is a little working that one can do to help improve magical power and talent. This work calls upon the aid of Saint Cyprian to open the roads to help the aspiring magician find the right teachers and resources on their quest and people who have done this work often report a heightened intuition that guide them in their magical work and find themselves coming across allies that aid them in their search for magical knowledge.

What you'll need:
Purple candle
Frankincense incense w/ charcoal and brazier to burn it on
Glass of water
Image of Saint Cyprian
Purple altar cloth
Florida Water
711 Holy Oil
Wooden Cross

On a Saturday night set up your altar with your purple altar cloth and an image of Saint Cyprian. On the left of the image set up your cup, but don't pour the water yet. On the right set up your candle. Right before the image set up your brazier and charcoal. You can place the oil and the Florida water nearby on the altar as well.

Knock on the table nine times, saying Saint Cyprian's name each time. Call out both vocally and with your heart, on the ninth time light your candle and pour your water into the cup and place the crucifix ontop of the glass. Light your charcoal from the flame of the candle and set your Frankincense into the charcoal.

As you do this say, "Saint Cyprian, I give gifts in honor of you. Come swiftly, Saint Cyprian and look favorably upon the request of this seeker."

Spend a few moments letting the incense waft up and watching the flame of the candle as your recite the Lord's Prayer softly over and over again. Repeat the prayer slowly nine times. This is best done while kneeling in front of the altar.

Once you've said your prayers and you feel that Saint Cyprian has come to you, take up your Florida Water and say:

"Saint Cyprian as in life you were a master of the Hidden Arts,
So too do you now hold the Keys of Knowledge.
Today, I am a humble seeker as you once were,
Today, I thirst for knowledge as you once did.
I ask that you favor me and quest my thirst;
Grant me the Keys of Knowledge,
Open before me the Book,
Guide me in my journey, great Saint Cyprian.
In your great mercy and in the love you hold for
people like me, I ask that you grant my request.
Aid me, help me, guide me.
In the Name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost."

As you say your prayers pour a little bit of the Florida Water into your hands and rub yourself from head to feet with it. Repeat this prayer nine times as you rub Florida Water onto yourself from head to feet. Commune from the heart with the saint, then thank him and snuff out the candle, do not blow it out.

Go to bed facing the east.

In the morning wake up and take three sips from the water then pour it on your front porch or lawn. Dab some 711 Holy Oil on your finger and anoint yourself by making the sign of the cross upon your forehead then go about your daily business.

At night repeat the entire rite with prayers, lighting the candle, incense, pouring fresh water, and rubbing with Florida Water. Repeat the entire thing for nine days with the Florida Water and prayers at night and the anoininting with oil and drinking water in the day.

If done with a sincere heart, Saint Cyprian will open the doors that will lead you to the right places in your magical and spiritual journey. This is a powerful work, so be sure you are ready to receive the guidance it can provide. Sometimes the paths we are lead down are not the ones we expected.