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Sunday, April 8, 2012

A Talisman from a Grimoire Magus: My Review

I stopped buying talismans a long time ago. Once you have the ability to make your own effective talismans, especially if you are good at them, you usually aren't that insterested in buying talismans from other people. In a similar fashion when the quality of the talismans out there is less than medicore, the interest to buy talismans from makers isn't really there.

But I was very interested in buying a talisman from Magus Michael Cecchetelli and he sure didn't disappoint. Todays modern grimoire students focus almost excusively on evocation--one would argue at the expense of the other traditional goetic and grimoire arts like talisman makings, folk spells, working with herbs, necromancy, divination etc. So when an exceptional grimoire magus starts offering talismans it definitely piques an interest.

I received the talisman this week and it absolutely met my high expectations. Having gotten to know Michael Cecchetelli's work, I expected no less. The attention and focus he gives to these talismans is apparent and they certainly are filled with vibrancy and potency.

I have a love altar upon which I do love work for clients and his Venus talisman found its home upon that altar and quickly brought a new level of power and energy to the ongoing work (it is due to this ongoing client work that I can't post a picture right now).

Suffice to say, I highly recommend his talismans. Not only are his talismans a work of beautiful art, crafted in a traditional fashion that harkens back to the magic of the ancients, but they pack a powerful punch.


M.C. said...

Glad you like the piece Conjureman, Its something unique and Im very happy with the way these came out. Thanks again!

ConjureMan Ali said...

It's a wonderful piece. Truly great work, sir.

C.Fletcher said...

I stumbled on your post on EvocationMagic.com (couldn't believe it) Than again you are a Magus so it is quite obvious. :) I was surprise to find that the Magic Grimoire resource Magus Michael Cecchetelli provided such as
Joseph H. Peterson’s Esoteric Archive was the very first website I had been because I had been doing my research on Key of Solomon before I even got onto Hoodoo. -grins-