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Monday, March 4, 2013

More on Hell Hounds

My last post has generated a great deal of interest with hundreds of emails pouring in asking more about hell hounds and the mechanics of the spell that I revealed. This post will answer some of the general questions.

1. Hell Hounds are parasitic and dangerous spirits called up from the abyss to do the bidding of their summoner. They are mindless, souless, lack mercy, relentless and never fail. They have a very strong vampiric quality and often will feed off the soul, misery, and pain of their victims.

2. What I discussed in the previous post relies on the ability of the hell hounds to provide an aggressive form of protection. They are sent after a particular person who has attempted to harm you or your reputation. They then proceed to turn that person's life into a living hell. However, they work in an escalating fashion. What starts out as a simple warning may turn into a car crash that leaves your enemy's car totaled. The aim is to put an end one way or the other to the attacks against you. However the attacks against your enemies will not stop. One thing will lead to another.

Your enemy can then choose to seek you out and make peace, or in their arrogance think they can survive the hell hounds. They cannot. From there the hell hounds keep increasing their attacks, taking their time, taking bites out of the person's soul, feeding off of their misery, until that person is dead. They do not rest, they do not tire, and they never fail. So one way or the other the traitor and slanderer is ended, either by seeking peace with you, or by dying miserably.

3. What the results are usually vary from target to target. They usually reflect the wrath of their summoner and the actions of the person they are sent against. They work like a noose. The more that person struggles, the more that person slanders you, the more that person tries to fight you or destroy you, the more they are destroyed themsleves. Like a noose, it only gets tighter and tighter until they hang. It is one the more insidious aspects of the work, your enemy will continue to think they can get away unpunished, but the more they try, the more they'll fall. Their own actions and words become a trap.

Again the end result can only be two things, either peace is specifically asked for from you, or that person dies. There is no loophole or way out of it--also why I did not release the full details of the ritual. Common signs of the hell hounds are car accidents, sudden money troubles, loss of job, deteriorating health, loss of home, terrible nightmares, sudden fear and paranoia, phantom sounds, feeling like you're being watched, touched, or attacked while you sleep, unable to find peace, lack of energy, vitality, and strength, feeling disoriented, hearing phantom growls and dog barks, loss of friends, allies, and then eventually a slow and painful death. Each of these is aimed at tearing the soul and spirit of the individual until the final end.

4. If you have more than one enemy, or if your enemy has a little helper or mousy little ally then the hell hounds will sniff them out. Just like a virus, they are parasitic and they spread. So they will grow in numbers and latch on to whoever attempts to help the target, whoever partakes in the gossip, slander, and they will keep casting their net out until they have destroyed all the enemies.

5. I have used this working before and it has never failed. Hell hounds are merciless. Also, I will not teach this working to anyone but those students I trust as these spirits can only be commanded by those with the power and skill to handle them.

In the end, they are deadly effective. One way or another, your enemy is undone.