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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Enter Dr. Raven In the Blogsphere

After much deliberation and much pushing from clients and friends alike, I have decided to finally start a blog. I guess a bit of introductions is in order.

I am Dr. Raven, known also as simply the Conjure Man. I am a professional rootworker of many years who works with both hoodoo and one of its forefathers, the grimoire tradition. I've been a practicing occultist since I was a wee kid.

Unlike the typical beginnings in the occult through the New Age movement and its counterparts, I began my foray into this world through the traditional use of runes and by the age of 9 I was crafting binding runes, creating different tines, and learning to use the runes to project into the vast worlds of the World Tree. It was at ten that I was adopted into the hoodoo tradition by my first teacher, a conjure woman who called me her little raven. I augmented my studies in conjure with in depth studies into Graeco-Egyptian Hermeticism, Islamic Talismanic work, Goetic Evocations, and Renaissance Astrology.

By the age of 19 I began taking on clients for readings and rootwork professionally, though I had practiced rootwork on behalf of others unofficially before then.

It is my hope that with this blog that I'll be able to put some of my ideas out there, meet in discourse with those I admire, and hopefully offer my clients and anyone else interested a glimpse into the world that I owe so much to.

You can also catch me at the Lucky Mojo forums and The Old Style Conjure ning site.