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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Dealing with Troublesome Neighbors

In a recent post, Balthazar shares with us a strong conjure on how to deal with a "frenemy," a term that I was most certainly unfamiliar with, but one that I've taken a liking to (thanks B!) In his post he goes over a solid candle spell that impliments domination and power to deal with the meddlesome people called "frenemies." In this post he also unveils an oil that I believe is definately worth checking out, aptly called Frenemy Oil. This seems to be along the lines of traditional boss fix products but aimed at a different class of people in our lives. Given that this is an oil from Balthazar I have no doubt it'll pack a solid punch.

Balthazar has graciously given us the means of dealing with those people who are permenant fixtures in our lives, who are claim to be friends, but in reality are truly meddlesome. In this post, I hope to cover another group of people that can be potentially problematic: nosey neighbors. Some of us are fortunate enough to have neighbors that are friendly and tend to mind their own business, but occassionally we come across those individuals who are downright troublesome. You know who I am talking about; those people who stick their head over the wall to see what you are doing, who quote regulation when it comes to how far your trash bucket can be away from the curb, or how close your plants can be to *their* wall, or those neighbors who have a complete lack of understanding of the term, "personal space." Being in close proximity with us their potential for trouble ranges from irritation to flat out get-the-hell-off-my property frustration. Now, some may reach straight for the hot foot, but sometimes these neighbors just can't help to be the way they are. They aren't yet dangerous, just a nuisance.

So in honor of all those gossipy, nosey, snoops here's a simple spell you can perform to literally cloak your house from the sight of such meddlesome folk and to give them a good kick to the arse should they decide to cause trouble. What you'll need is:

1 Black Candle
Some Poppy Seeds
Black Mustard Seeds
Black Pepper
Slippery Elm
9 Devil's Shoe String
1 Bat Nut
1 bottle of a protection oil (Protection Oil, Fiery Wall of Protection Oil etc)
1 bottle of a domination oil (Essence of Bend Over, Domination Oil, Controlling Oil, All Things Under My Feet etc)
9 Pins
Piece of paper and pen
Mortar and Pestle

Take your piece of Paper and write your neighbor's name three times. Turn this away from you a quarter turn and write across their name in bold letters, "LEAVE ME ALONE." Five spot this paper with the domination oil of your choice. Then fold it away from you while you firmly demand that in no uncertain terms this person goes away and leaves you alone. Turn the paper away from you and fold again. Do this a total of three times. Then set this aside while you make a quick mixture and powder.

Take your Poppy Seeds in your hand and pray that they confuse the mind of your troublesome neighbor so that person is unable to even see where you live, unable to find their way to your home, and unable to figure out what they even intended to come over for. Then add it to your mortar. Next take up your Black Mustard Seeds and pray that your neighbor is unable to resist your command to stay away. Add this as well. Take up your Black Pepper and pray that it drives you neighbor away from your property then toss it in. Finally take up your Salt and pray that it protects your property by creating solid barriers that your neighbor is unable to cross. Only add a pinch of this Salt to the mortar, leave some left for use later on. Now begin grinding and crushing them all together. As you work with the pestle, grinding and crushing, pray for this person to go away and stay away from your home and doorstep. Add in your Slippery Elm and pray that their wagging tongue stills and they are unable to speak to you, about you, or gossip anymore.

Take the candle and from top to bottom in a swirling fashion (like a barber's pole) write, "(Neighbor's Name) everytime you think of bothering me you get the urge to run away," or "Neighbor's Name, stay away from me" seems just as good. Make sure you write this in a downward spiral from wick to base to help diminish this person from your life. Next put a few drops of the domination oil on your hand and dress the candle by stroking it away from you. Everytime you stroke it away from you state clearly that you want this person to stay away and keep away. Take this candle and roll it in the mixture of ingredients making sure to roll it away from you.

Now take your 9 Devil's Shoe String and your Bat Nut. Lightly dress these with the protection oil while praying that they trip up your neighbor and keep them far away from you. Place this under the overturned cup or bowl with your name paper. Set your candle on the overturned cup and hold your hands over the set up as your pray ferverntly that every time your neighbor comes over to start meddling that they turn around and run the other way. Light the candle and let it burn.

As the candle burns, heat up your 9 pins one by one and stick them into the candle as you call for 9 specific things to happen to your neighbor.

1. That everytime they go to speak about you that their tongue is tied and they are unable to do so.
2. That everytime they try to meddle in your affairs that they get a sharp pain that pricks them. 3. That everytime that they attempt to come onto your property they find their way barred.
4. That everytime they walk towards you they are forced to run in the opposite direction.
5. That their eyes are now blind to all of your activities.
6. That they are unable to raise a finger to interfere in your life.
7. That coming near your property sets an itch in their feet to get off.
8. That they are unable to snoop for the mere thought of it causes them panic
9. That they are to walk right out of your life and stay out.

Of course you can choose whatever 9 things to say, but say them with feeling as you stick the candle with the heated pins.

Let the candle burn down then take the Bat Nut and place it above your threshold. Ask that it ward away your neighbor and keeps him or her off your property. Take the 9 Devil's Shoe Strings and drive them into the ground leading up to your door and ask that they trip up your neighbor when they attempt to meddle. Then take the Salt that was left over and pray for protection and that it creates a barrier that none are able to pass without your permission and sprinkle this in the four corners of your property.

Dispose the remains of the rest of the spell at a crossroads over your left shoulder as you walk away without looking back.

The beauty of the spell is not only does it work directly on the neighbor through the candle work, but the Bat Nut and the Devil's Shoe Strings will act as little wardens and keep out your troublesome neighbor while the Salt creates a powerful barrier of protection.

So if you're looking for some peace and quiet from the endless meddling of a neighbor give this spell a try and enjoy the peace that ensues ;-).


Balthazar said...

Nice one brother! Great use of salt. And thanks for the plug!

Anonymous said...

Good to see you updating! I'll be sure to keep this in mind if I have troublesome neighbors in the future. Thankfully, living in an apartment means I don't get people snooping in my things :)