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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Conjure Man's Spiritual Practice

After a short haitus away from public client work, I have returned with the launch of my new website. I am once again offering my services to the public as a rootworker, reader, and magician
I am a long time practitioner and have been a professional rootworker for many years and I am willing to offer that experience for my clients. I am gifted in reading with the Tarot, Geomancy, Astrology, Runes, and scrying and my training as a necromancer has helped augument my own inner abilities by bringing me in contact with spirits of divination that can be called upon to help illuminate situations for my clients.

As a rootworker and magician I am willing to call upon the spirits and allies I have in order to help you in the situations that you face. I am a justified worker who believes that it is the duty of a spiritual practitioner to give those who seek us out the edge and helping hand they need in life. I am especially talented at, but not limited to:

Love work, be it drawing new love, or reconciling with old love
Court cases
Hotfoot and Break up Work,
Revenge and Reversing work
Uncrossing and Protection work,
Influence and Domination work
Working with graveyard spirits and the Crossroads,
Money and Job drawing
And Success and Road opening.

I am especially good at dealing with other spiritual practitioners. If you feel that you are being thrown for I am willing to intercede and put an end to their meddling and ensure that they never hurt anyone again. As a magician who works with streams magick like the goetia and Hermetic Renaissance magick, I have access and alliances with spirits that transcend anything your average spiritual practitioner can dream of. I am old school rootworker and classically trained occultist and this comes off in my work.

To learn more about all the services that I offer check out my website at http://www.theconjureman.com/

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Balthazar said...

Congrats brother! Looking good. Best of luck with it I am sure you will be doing just great.

Phoenix said...

Hi Conjureman Ali,
Why did you take a break from public services?

ConjureMan Ali said...

Hi Phoenix, I took a haitus away from my work as a rootworker for health reasons. During that time I focused on recovering from my illness and the completition of my book.

However, I came back to the public sphere months ago and was admitted to AIRR. I now offer my services to those who seek me out.