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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Holy Guardian Angel

Nephilim Press has released their new anthology called Holy Guardian Angel spearheaded by Michael Cecchetelli of Crossed Keys and Book of Abraxas fame. The early reviews of the book are fantastic and it is not to be missed. Included in the anthology are amazing pieces by some of the best modern day magicians around. The contents include 

A Solar Spark of Light And Fire - Darren Scriven 
Nine Pieces of Heart Advice For Those Seeking The HGA - Jason Miller 
The Descended Angel - Scott Michael Stenwick 
Never Again Alone - Rufus Opus 
After Abramelin: Working With Your Holy Guardian Angel - Aaron Leitch 
Passing Through The Void: Journey To Unite With Your HGA - Frater Ashen F.N.F. 
The Voice of Light: The HGA In The Ogdoadic Tradition - Derik Richards 
Knowledge and Conversation of The HGA: One Thelemites Perspective - Kevin Abblett 
Holy Guardian Angel(s)? - Conjureman Ali 
Holy Guardian Angels, Helpful Spirits and The Genius - MC 
2 Years Later - The HGA Revisited - MC 

Head over to to Nephilim Press and grab your copy of this gem


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