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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Sending Hell Hounds Against Gossipers, Slanderers, and Betrayers

While the hope is that family and friends would stick together, there are times when one is faced with treachery and betrayal, even from those closest to us. In such situations if all attempts at amelioration have failed then there are forces which can be called upon to silence the wagging tongues of gossip that seek to harm reputations and spread malice.

What follows is a working and spell just for such a situation and is especially good at dealing with those who may have at one time been an ally, friend, or family-member. Because of its dangerous nature, I do not recommend any but those with great skill attempt it and for that reason, I have omitted an essential part of the working.

This work is best done using an effigy or doll to represent the treacherous family member or friend, stuffed with cursing materia like Vandal Root, Poppy Seeds, Black Mustard Seeds, Red Peppers, Black Peppers, Alum powder and Snake sheds. This combination is excellent for gossiping, treacherous individuals to curse and silence them. The doll can be fashioned from wax, cloth, or clay but should contain a trace of the individual and be baptized in their name to link to their spirit.

Next this is surrounded by a ring of black candles dressed with Crossing, Destruction, and Stop Gossip Oils.

As each candle is lit, you call upon the hounds of hell to rise up to your defense. This part will not be discussed, but these are the dogs of the underworld called up to carry out your work. They will watch over your reputation, name, and offer an aggressive form of protection. Any who speak ill, any who attempt to damage your reputation, or any who attempt to interfere in your life or relationships will be faced with their wrath. By ringing the doll in the candles the hellhounds will be linked to that person and watch over them to ensure they can do you no harm or work no malice.

The doll is worked using pins, bound up with verses of power, and then buried in a box of broken mirrors, nails, pins, peppers, and given offerings to the spirits. The box and doll are then handed over to the spirits to watch over by being buried in the cemetery.

I have used this particular working in the past with great effect and on behalf of clients and it has never let me down.

The effects are particularly interesting. It has an escalating effect. The person who is interfering or spreading gossip will first be sent a warning. This may come in the form of a dream or from an omen like being pulled over by the police and given a ticket. The police are often a great way for the universe to give you a sign to slow down and be aware you are transgressing. If the person does not back down on their malice, they will then face a haunting where their house will be infested by the hounds of hell who will fill it with darkness and fear. Phantom sounds, the sensing of a presence, and poltergeist activity will be reported along with disturbance of sleep. Next stronger hits will follow like trouble at work, money problems, relationship problems, fights etc. If the person does not stop then their health will deteriorate specifically targeting their weaknesses. They will get sick; if they are inclined towards something like ovarian problems, tumors it will manifest for example. Then their mind will turn on them as they lose control of their thoughts. Finally if they continue, the hounds of hell, after turning their life to a living hell, will drag them to the abyss.

The spell is designed to destroy, but it works for the purpose of justice, the target will be given many opportunities to stop, to take back their malicious words, and to back off. If they incline to peace the hounds will be held back, but if they continue they will face the teeth.

The beauty of this spell is that there is no way of turning back these dogs, there is no way of stopping this work, other than taking back the malice and asking for forgiveness. Once the hounds are let loose, may God have mercy on their souls.


Rusty said...

Interesting work is there any way to call upon the hounds to protect an individual from all commers?

Rusty said...

Question can you call upon the hounds to protect a person from all comers instead of one target at a time.

ConjureMan Ali said...

The way this particular work does, is like a virus that expands and grows. It starts with the person who started the mess, but then as other participate in the gossip, or try to harm you then the hounds also start hunting them as well.

Just as it escalate, it starts with something as simple as a ticket, or car accident and moves on to illness, fear, and death. So too can it start with one person, but then the spell expands like a web to all who work against you.

AGain, the only stop to it is you calling off the hounds, or your enemies asking for your forgivness and then stopping their attempts.

Qayinite182 said...

I just finished a work for burning the tongue, cutting it off, shutting the mouth, let the dark dead eat the words and forcefully silence a person that should not talk about certain issues and certain people and now I wanted to relax in front of the computer and as I often enjoy your blog I clicked on the link and this post/topic is what I saw.

Very good omen from Spirit and I am now sure that the target is hit hard. Work was started during this Saturn's night and late Saturn's hour.

May the tongue of the traitors be cut off and indeed fed to the Dog of the Master.

We will Hunt, Beware!

Thank you for an auspicious read.

Salve San la Muerte!

ConjureMan Ali said...

Always a great sign! May darkness swallow up whole the enemies who rise up, let their spirit be broken, their bodies shattered, and may they learn the price of loose tongues and waging war against those more powerful than they.

John said...

Question: is substitution okay for this particular rite? I feel I am more compelled to ask either my ancestors, my guardian angel or Hekate than the hell hounds with regard to slanderers, gossipers and the like, for a much gentler means of handling the situation.