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Saturday, January 5, 2013

Cleansing For the New Year

New Year is an excellent time for any type of cleansing work. Given that it is also during the waning moon, you have a great opportunity to start the year with a clean slate. All year long we gather the spiritual gunk and debris of all the experiences we go through. When the year comes to an end our spirits have gone through much, both good and bad, and so the New Year offers the perfect time to reflect on the year before and start fresh.

In light of that here is a great little recipe for a cleansing.

  •  Dried Rue
  • Dried Basil
  • Lemongrass
  • White candle
  • Van Van Oil
  • Blessing Oil (711 Holy Oil)
Start by dropping a few drops of Van Van Oil into a bucket of Pinesol and water which you use to scrub and mop the home. Just as you've gathered much throughout the year, so too has your house. So scrub from top to bottom, back to front, and drive out all that mess from your home. If you have carpet you can use a spray bottle to lightly spray the carpet and use a broom to sweep.

In conjure and hoodoo when we cleanse, it is not a symbolic act, but one that is meant to physically and spiritually cleanse a place so you want to actually mop, brush, and scrub your home working your way from top to bottom and front to back. Once you washed down the home take the used soapy water and discard off of your property.

When you come home take the Dried Basil, Rue, and Lemongrass and brew into a tea. Let it cool and step into a tub without your clothes. Pour the tea over your head and scrub yourself downward while praying that you be cleansed, purified, and the new year starts fresh for you. I suggest putting a stopper in the tub and gather a bit of the used bath water. Let yourself air dry get dressed then take the used bath water and dispose off of your property at a crossroads.

Finally when you come home set your white candle in the center of your home and dress it with Blessing Oil stroking the candle from base to wick, pointing it towards your heart so that you are drawing the blessings to you. Light the candle and let it burn down as you recite Psalm 23. Reflect on the past year, letting go of the bad, cherishing the good, and asking for a blessed year to come.

I always suggest adding an element of attraction, blessing, or protection after a cleansing; adding something back in after removing. It is a good way to ensure balance.

While this is a simple working, it is excellent for this time of year and hopefully it brings you blessings in the year to come.

ConjureMan Ali


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