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Monday, December 10, 2012

ConjureMan Ali at Candelo's Corner

Catch me today, December 10th, at Candelo's Corner; one of the best internet radio shows for Palo and the African Traditional Religions. I will be joining Tata Candelo and Dr. E to provide spiritual readings for callers. You will get an opportunity to see the powerful divination methods of Palo, Quimbanda, and Hoodoo meet and provide a voice to the spirits--all to answer your questions.

Tune in today, December 10th at 5pm Pacific/8pm Eastern time. You can listen in as a guest, or you can log in with facebook or your blogtalk radio account to chat with us live. You can catch us live here.

And be sure to check out Candelo's website where you can find previous podcasts. HIs website is: www.kimbisa.org

Hope to see you all there,
ConjureMan Ali

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