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Sunday, December 23, 2012

Check Out Lamplighter Blues

Silver Shadow from The Pagan Rapport and Doctor Hob from Pennies for the Boneyard have joined forces to produce an excellent new podcast called Lamplighter Blues. This is an amazing podcast that provides a great resource for various hoodoo topics.

In their first episode they disucussed mirror boxes and in the new post they discuss ritual bathing.

What is excellent is that there is a lot of different podcasts out there, but Lamplighter Blues talks about specific aspects of hoodoo work and so the show not only provides excellent information but provides practical information as well.

They also have a segment called "second hand hoodoo" where they show how hoodoo can be used creatively with simple items found in second-hand store; something that really captures the pragmatic nature of hoodoo. In their latest episode I make a quick appearance to take part in the discussion.

I'm really enjoying the episodes and would highly recommend it to all. If you are looking for a new hoodoo podcast and learning to learn more about folk magic, this is the podcast for you.

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