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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Saint Cyprian's Feast Day

The month of September is always very busy for me, doubly so because at my practice we spend all month preparing for Saint Cyprian's Feast Day. Saint Cyprian is my patron who I published a text on last year. His feast is always a big occassion for me and my house. Because he is the patron of sorcerers and the occult sciences, I devote the entire month to teaching my apprentices and students. So, the month of September is always characterized with my spiritual practice bustling with students coming and going at all hours, working and teaching until the the wee hours of the night, and preparing for the the 26th which is his feast day. It is also the reason why I tend to be absent from my favorite online forums like Lucky Mojo and EvocationMagic--just too busy.

My apprentices and I spend the weeks prior to the 26th, performing spiritual cleansings for clients, setting lights, and performing charitable magical work. During this month, I take several pro bono cases and perform free cleansings, exorcisms, and uncrossings. All of this is done in honor of Saint Cyprian for the wonderful blessings he's brought into my life and the thriving practice that he has bestowed to me. It is to him that all credit is due and thanks to him that I am one of the most successful professional mages and rootworkers.

After a month of teaching and charitble magical workings we prepare by cleansing his altar, getting a new altar cloth, set up his offerings, and finally on his feast day celebrate the magic of Saint Cyprian with the praying of his orisons, the presenting of his offerings, and partaking in his mysteries.

In honor of that, here is a spell that be worked with Saint Cyprian to protect yourself and your home from witchcraft and curses.


Purple Candle
Cup of fresh water
Image of Saint Cyprian
Bay Leaf

Set up an altar for Saint Cyprian with his image and the purple candle to the left and in front of that image and the cup of water to the right and infront of that image. All three together should form a small triangle.

Light your candle and pray from your heart to Saint Cyprian that he protect you from the snares of the wicked and the witchcraft of the evil.

On your Bay Leaf write, "I will say of the Lord, He is my refuge and my fortress." You can use both sides to write this. Place this in the center of the triangle formed by the image, the candle, and the cup and just bask in the power of Saint Cyprian.

The next day replace the cup of water with a fresh cup and place the Bay Leaf under your doormat. So long as that Bay Leaf remains under the doormat, the protection of Saint Cyprian will surround your house.

To learn more about Saint Cyprian you can check out the text I wrote about him at Hadean Press or if you are in the US buy it from Lucky Mojo.

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Marick said...

Thanks for sharing. I have that same statue(love that the staff comes out). Bright Blessings