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Thursday, June 28, 2012

At the Crossroads by Scarlet Imprint

Scarlet Imprint has just opened up their new title, At the Crossroads, for pre-order. This book is an anthology that involves the intersection of the new world and old world magics. It focuses on the interaction between the African diasporic traditions with the European traditions.

It has pieces by some amazing authors like Nicholaj de Mattos Frisvold, Jake Stratton-Kent, Michael Cecchetelli, my fellow AIRR member, Balthazar, Christopher Bradford, by yours truly, and many other familiar names.  I don't think ever before has there been a gathering of such varied backgrounds from initiates of Vodou and Lukumi, to Tatas of Palo and Kimbanda, from Conjure Doctors, to Goetic Necromancers. The intellectual baby of this august gathering is certainly fated to be interesting, insightful, and deeply impactful.

It is a book worth checking out for those interested in either the African diasporic traditions or the goetic and grimoire traditions of Europe. The focus of this anthology is significant to today's current occult interests and will likely have an important impact on the direction occult study will take in the decades to come and I am not just saying that because it contains an article written by me ;-).

You can preorder your copy here

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Kebechet said...

You can bet I'll be getting a copy when it comes out in e-book format :D getting an e-reader has turned me into even more of a bibliophile somehow.