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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Rev. Fred's Blog: Mayan Folk Magic

My colleague from AIRR, Rev. Fred has started a new blog where he'll be uploading pictures of his work and giving instructions on traditional folk magic.

Rev. Fred is a talented Italian rootworker and hoodoo doctor specializing in cleansing work, but in addition to this he regularly spends time in Guatemala where he is studying to become a Ajq'ij, or priest in Mayan spiritual work and Guatemalan folk-magic. His blog already has some interesting and informative posts and it is definitely worth checking out.

His blog is the only place where you can learn more about Mayan spiritual work and work with Guatemalan folk saints and spirits like San Simone, Rey Pascual, and El Duende Diego.

Check out his blog here and his website here.

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Balthazar said...

Fred's blog looks awesome, Ali. I'll be following, for sure!