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Friday, February 17, 2012

ConjureMan Ali Review: Testimonial from a client

In December of 2011 I had a client whose marriage was broken up by another woman. This woman came from a long line of spiritual workers and she herself was an initate of an ATR. My client's husband worked with this other woman and for a while she had been making moves on the husband but the husband had been staunchly rejecting the advances. Then in the span of 3 weeks he went from doting husband to a completely different man.

He was acting erratically, confused, lashing out, and seemed almost as if he was under the influence of substances. He left his wife and moved in with this other woman. My client approached me and asked me to help.

Divination revaled that spiritual work had been done on the husband through the use of a specific entity. My own guides and spirits agreed to take on the case and we went to work.

I first nuetralized the rival, unbound the husband and cleansed him, returned him home and bound him strongly to his wife and kids. I started this work in December 2011, by the second week of January the rival had fallen deeply ill and was hospitalized. By January 27th he moved back in with his wife. On Valentines day he recommitted himself to his wife in a very clear and beautiful manner.

This is what my client has to say, reposted with her permission:

"ConjureMan Ali I cannot thank you enough. You gave me a MIRACLE. I was in a bad place when i came to you but I know you could help me and you did. My family is whole again and my husband is back. We love each other more than ever. Everything that happened seems like a bad nightmare like it almost wasn't real but at least it is now in the past. You got some powerful magic on your side. Please thank your spirits for me. Bless you for all that you do. You got a client for life!!" --SR

Saving relationships during the month of love--It's times like these that remind me why I do what I do.

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I have to say this. LIKE A BOSS!

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