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Monday, January 23, 2012

My Secret to Money Conjure

Every rootworker has their own secrets that they've picked up about the different work that they do. They often have developed a certain technique or learned a trick from an elder that gives their work that extra oomph.

For money magic, I find that adding an element of protection really takes things to the next level. Money is a fluid concept and also very susceptible to being jinxed. In fact, when I come across people who have been the victim of a curse or even the Evil Eye, I find that their finances are the first thing to go.

So for me, I learned long ago to add an element of protection to all the money work that I do. Not only does this save your money from being jinxed, but more importantly it ensures that the money that you do draw in stays with you. No point in doing money drawing spells if it all goes down a bottomless hole.

I was taught by a root doctor in Georgia to use Devil's Shoe Strings in all money work to tie down the Devil and make sure he isn't causing mischief with your money. Similarly, I find that adding Alkanet or Alfalfa will have a similar quality of protecting your money and making sure that you keep what you draw in.

For an effective money drawing spell you'll need:

Sugar Jar
Alfalfa (you can substitute either Alkanet or Devil's Shoe String)
Five Finger Grass
Blue Flag
$20 bill.
Some type of money oil.

Write your petition right on the bill, asking for money to come to you, money enough to cover your expenses and help you live comfortably, and for the money to stay with you. Cover and cross this petition with your name by turning it clockwise 1/4th of a turn and writing your name three times over it. Five spot the bill with your oil and place the Magnet and herbs in the center of the bill.

Fold the bill by turning it clockwise and folding towards you until you have a little packet. Place this packet into a jar of Sugar and breathe Psalm 23 into the jar before you shut it close.

You can then place this jar on a prosperity altar, light candles on it, shake it up and pray over it. You'll find that not only will it sweeten and draw money to you, but it will protect your money from jinxes, mishaps, and other things that may cause money to normally slip out of your hands.


Jerry Fulford said...

THank you for posting this :) In case I missed it, what is the blue flag for? Thank you, Jerry

Balthazar said...

Great tip Ali! This might even be a fruitful magical strategy to deploy for other aims such as love or success. Thanks for sharing.

marybee said...

This is a great work, CM Ali; thanks. I tell people to do a cleansing of themselves if they think their money is crossed; better safe than sorry :)

ConjureMan Ali said...

@marybee, cleansing is always good. Its the standard before anywork that I do.

@Balthazar, thank you! You are definitely on the money. ;-)

@Jerry Fulford, blue flag is a root: http://www.herb-magic.com/blue-flag-root.html

djhs98604 said...

Nice work! Sugar jar-- could we use honey or molasses instead? Or this work is traditionally done with sugar? Thanks

ConjureMan Ali said...

@curious joe, honey works just as well for this. I was taught to use sugar for the work this spell is adapted from, but I've used honey in money work to great effect.

Shadow said...

How kind of You to share, thanks. And very cunning idea.

Many Blessings

snake doctor charm said...

Great post! To prevent the contents of the bill from coming out, is it a good idea to seal the bill with something like beeswax?

Isis said...

Writing this one in my little book of spells. Thanks! So afterwards..do you not ever spend this $20? I'll definitely use sugar. I don't think I could put $20 in honey without cringing. :)

Old Style Conjure said...

Wow, we must have run into the same worker this is almost the exact work I teach. Momma Starr

ConjureMan Ali said...

That's great Momma Starr! I've unfortunately never had the chance to take your money conjure courses, but I definitely look forward to it as I am sure it is filled with wisdom.

Working with Devil's Shoe String in this manner was taught to me by a root doctor from Georgia and I've taken it to heart ever since then. Alkanet and Alfalfa was my own addition to money work.

By the way the, the workers named Uncle Ronny, though his full name was Ronald Willis from Savannah, Georgia. I met him through my Momma back in 1995. It would be one of those miracles of spirit if we both knew him.

ConjureMan Ali said...

snakedoctorcharm, you can use beeswax to holl it all in together, or you can use thread to make a little packet.

Isis, the money remains in the honey jar or sugar jar to perpetually draw money to you.

Old Style Conjure said...

@Ali, do you know where Mr. Willis is now? I'd love to interveiw him on my CCBH at blogtalk. Do you know how to get in contact with him and do you think he would do the show? Momma Starr

ConjureMan Ali said...

Hello Starr, you can contact me privately and we'll continue from there.