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Saturday, October 1, 2011

New Services: Demon Bowls and Witch Bottles

Conjure Man's Spiritual Pratice is proud to present two new services available to our clients along with our other highly popular products and services.

Witch Bottles

Witch Bottles, also known as spirit bottles, are a popular magical objects found both in European folk magical practices like cunning-craft as well as the spiritual practices of the rural south.

Comprised of glass bottles filled with potent magical curios, these bottles are often hung near homes as protection against witches, hags, haunts, and other spiritual attacks. They can trap enemy spirits, redirect attacks, and form a powerful protective barrier against malevolent spiritual forces.

In addition to its apotropaic nature, Witch Bottles can also be used to house spirit guardians, or act as charm bottles empowered to carry out specific magical intentions and prayers.

At Conjure Man's Spiritual Practice we create Witch Bottles under the guidance and direction of our spiritual guides in the traditional manner that has been employed by root doctors and conjurers for generations.

You can learn more about this service here.

Witch Bottle created under the auspices of Saint Cyprian and consecrated
to protect a home by trapping evil spirits sent from a rival.

Demon Bowls

Demon bowls were once one of the most powerful and mysterious tools of the Near Eastern mage, but have long since been forgotten by modern practitioners. Found commonly in Mesopotamia and the Levant with similar objects crafted in other parts of the Mediterranean world, these bowls were used by powerful mages for a variety of uses.

Mesopotamian priests would craft these special bowls to trap and tame wandering spirits while their Jewish and Levantine counterparts would use them specifically against the demons of the night and their queen, Lilith.

Today, they are still used by Arabian mages who employ them to summon and restrain the desert spirits, or djinn.

At Conjure Man's Spiritual Practice we craft Demon Bowls using teracotta or clay just as our ancestors did and use the traditional methods passed down for centuries in the Middle East.

Employing intricate and secret magical rites in conjunction with highly specific ritual requirements, we craft Demon Bowls over a course of several days for the purposes of either restraining and trapping spirits, or summoning and controlling djinn; according to the wishes of our clients.

You can read more about Demon Bowls at Conjure Man's Spiritual Practice here.

Demon Bowl with spiraling Arabic Words of Power consecrated to summon djinn.
The spiritual potency of the rite can be seen as power rushes to fill the bowl with life.

The Demon Bowls and Witch bottles of Conjure Man's Spiritual Practice cannot be found anywhere else as both revolve around magical objects of ancient power. The rites and creation of each of these objects were inherited from powerful workers of old and it is with a sense of great honor that we now make these objects available to our clients.

To learn more about all the products and services we offer at Conjure Man's Spiritual Practice, including mojo bags and talismans, check out our website here.


"When I moved into my new home I was not told that it was haunted. After the first few weeks, I knew something was wrong. We had poltergeist activity, we had weird voices speaking at night, unusual fluctuations in temperature and so many other crazy things. I found out from a neighbor that the house used be home to a man they all believed to be a witch. After trying for months with other practitioners to get my house cleansed, one of the psychics recommended that I to talk to ConjureMan Ali. After a consultation, he made a demon bowl and told me how to use it. I am happy to report that my house has been quite ever since. After months of being tormented i can finally have peace!" -L.D.

"I remember visiting my Nana when I was young in Alabama and she'd have these pretty blue bottles hanging from her tree. When I asked her what they were she told me that they were to protect the house. One night years later I woke up to feeling a great weight on my chest. I tried moving but I couldnt. Through my panic I could hear laughter that made my skin crawl but no matter what I did I couldnt move or breathe. It let up after feeling a sharp pain on my neck. I ran to the bathroom when I finally could and found it had scratched my neck. After my heart calmed down I thought that maybe I was imagining things or it was a nightmare. But the episode happened every night after then. For months I dreaded going to sleep. I tried to look up all sorts of remedies and talked to a bunch of people until I found ConjureMan Ali. He diagnosed my problem and made me a Witch Bottle. To my surprise it was exactly like the bottles of my childhood! Since then Ive finally been able to sleep. God Bless you ConjureMan Ali! If I could I'd kiss you!" -M.A.S.

"ConjureMan Ali first made me a djinn/demon bowl when i was his student in the arts of djinn conjuring. I still remember the first time I used the bowl: it had a power like nothing i'd ever seen. I was so impressed with his work and knew I was in the right hands. Using his teachings i've used the djinn bowl ever since and it has remained one of my favorite ritual tools." -AK


M.C. said...

Seriously nice stuff there Conjureman... The Demon Bowls are something something I love to work with, but the spiraling words of power are one hell of an innovation!

ConjureMan Ali said...

Thank you kindly, Michael. They are one of my favorite things to make as well as to use.

However the spiraling script is actually not my own innovation, but an old technique used for quite some time. They were especially common in the semetic cultures.

katie said...

I read this post with eyes popping:)I have heard of witch's bottles but this is the first time hearing of demons bowls. Also I undertstand this is to entrap djinn (please correct me if i am wrong)so does this include the good and/or the bad? I guess what i am asking is what is the basic purpose of the demon bowl?
I also wish Conjureman that you would write a book detailing your understanding of the supernatural, or the stories of the supernatural that you have across. It would make for such amazing reading!

ConjureMan Ali said...

Katie, thank you for the kind words. There are many books in the pipeline so keep an eye open for them ;-). I tend to be meticulous so I take my time perfecting projects before launching them.

As to the demon bowl, it was traditionally used to trap spirits sent against you or wandering spirits and worked against evil spirit. It was developed further by Arabian mages to also summon spirits.

Hope that helps.