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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

My Book-Saint Cyprian: Saint of Necromancers

Hadean Press has today released my work on Saint Cyprian. This great little booklet is called Saint Cyprian: Saint of Necromancers. It was conceived and inspired by my beloved patron as part of an offering to him.

This book is the only one of its kind as it is the first book to address how to establish a working relationship with this powerful spirit and saint. In addition to tips and discussions of how to set up an altar to him and traditional offerings, the booklet also includes rare spells and conjurations that have never before been seen in English. Included are translations of prayers, orisons, and incantations from Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish, translated for the first time in English.

You'll find in this booklet:
  • Authentic and rare recipes for making Saint Cyprian oils
  • Instructions on how to create Saint Cyprian's Cauldron; a powerful magical object used for spells and charms.
  • How to set up and consecrate an altar to Saint Cyprian
  • Several unique spells for love, protection, controlling spirits, and destruction
  • Much much more.
This booklet is a great resource for anyone interested in hoodoo, conjure, goetia, curanderismo, Catholic folk-magic, and the synthesis between them. With the aid of this text the reader will be able to call upon one of the most obscure, but powerful saint to guide them through their journey through the realm of spirits and the underworld.

To read more about the booklet you can go here
To order the text you can go here.

Special thanks goes out to Hadean Press for accepting the text and publishing it. It has been a pleasure to work with them. A special thanks goes out to Mister M, for all his help, friendship and inspiration. And of course, my thanks to Saint Cyprian for your patronage, blessing, and guidance.  


M.C. said...

Already ordered it! Cant wait to dig in

Jason Miller, said...

This is FREAKING awesome!

Mister M said...

I'm so happy for you Conjureman and also feel very honored. I'm sure this is going to be one awesome book and one of many more to come!

ConjureMan Ali said...

Thank you kindly, good sirs. I hope you enjoy it! There is certainly more to come ;-)

M.C. said...

You realize we're never going to let you rest until you publish a full volume of this stuff right? A Conjureman Codex perhaps?

Gordon said...

Purchased. Can't wait.

Theo Huffman said...

How could I resist? Bought.

ConjureMan Ali said...

Thank you all! I hope you enjoy it.

@MC, lol I promise to have good things coming ;-)

Unknown said...

How did I not know this was coming?! Awesome, and buying today!

ConjureMan Ali said...

@ Frater AIT, I tend to quietly work away at projects until they are ready to come out ;-).

Hope you enjoy it!

Gordon said...

Wow. And it arrived today. That was quick.

When you release your St Expedite booklet I imagine it will just hit me in the face the second I push send.

ConjureMan Ali said...

Wow that was fast indeed.

Your Author said...

It looks great. Going to order it soon. Strange that I just order the Grimoire of St. C last month. I must be picking up your wavelength. MD

Unknown said...

We may not always see eye to eye good Doctor, but this work is important and I look forward to digging into it. I do love to see the ol hoodoo getting the spotlight from time to time.

Again congrats!

ConjureMan Ali said...

Good Valentines, the world would be a boring place if we always see eye to eye. I always find your engaging and intelligent.

Thank you and I hope you enjoy.

Unknown said...

Review up! Wonderful Ali!


Anonymous said...

Just ordered my copy today. Looking forward to working with it!

Theo Huffman said...


This is the only way I can think of interacting with you, since I don't have you in my G+ circles or on FB, so feel free to answer me by email through the address you can find on my blogger profile.

I have done the nine-day St. Cyprian vigil. It was interesting. Inevitably when you commit yourself to doing something nine days in a row, circumstances throw stuff at you to challenge you. I did the ritual more than once in near sleep trance.

I got a "sign" that I might like discussing with you through private channels. Other than that, I'm still working on cultivating the relationship, albeit my perception of his presence is still very weak. I pray at his altar every day.

I've felt moved to make oil #3, and have spent the last two weeks gathering ingredients, which, as I've told you before, can be challenging in Budapest. The spiritual culture here is either honky Christian (which I say with due respect, being more or less a honky Christian myself) or just plain godless, with a light dusting of New Age on top.

I've managed to get everything except the rue. How essential is it? Should I hold out until I can get some sent from Vienna (if they have it there)? Or can I substitute? Syrian rue doesn't seem to be any easier to get here.

Oh. And I assume the "calamus" you referred to in your booklet is sweet Flag (Acorus calamus) and not the palm. I hope.

I'm dying to get started on making the oil. It's been a while since I got to grind together oils and smelly stuff.

Miss Joann Lee said...

Just ordered. Can hardly wait to work with this wonderful saint.

Mider999 said...

I'd like to buy this, I already naught your book on santa Muerte

ConjureMan Ali said...

Hope you enjoy it!