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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Conjuring for Art

I consider myself a great lover of art and beauty and it is my hope that everyday we grow towards a more beautiful world.

As an academic and historian, I have been a big proponent of a new cultural renaissance for years now. I believe that as a society, despite the unprecedented availability of information, we demonstrate all the trappings of a "dark age." While it is true that the "dark ages" were far more transformative than many think, it still is an age we should try avoid returning to.

In addition to my efforts at the university level I have taken to conjure to tackle this situation. For years, I have performed a yearly blessing rite for clients, readers, friends, but also for aspiring artists, scholars, and those called to transform this world into a more beautiful place.

I keep the heat of this work going all year long by performing a simple candle rite every Sunday or Thursday depending on the inclination of Spirit.

For those who are interested in making this world a better place then you might want to add your own light.

Here's a simple rite you can do:

What you'll need:

Some beautiful music (Please choose a musician of real talent, not these pop singers)
1 white candle
A plate
Rose Petals
Holy Oil (711 Holy Oil is great)
Map of the world
Blessing Incense
Thurible to burn the incense (thuribles usually have a chain to be hung from)

Put your music on and set the map of the world on your altar and on top of this set up your plate. Dress your candle with Holy Oil while reciting Psalm 23 and set this on the plate. Light your candle and take a few minutes to enjoy the beauty of the flame and relish in the sound of the music.

Now light your incense in your thurible and say, "I light this incense in honor of the spirit of Beauty, Truth, and Knowledge."

As the incense is wafting up, take your Holy Oil and pour it out gently all around the plate in a ring, praying from your heart that beauty, goodness, and enlightenment grow in our world. Now sprinkle your Rose Petals on the oil so they are floating around the candle.

Now take up your thurible and slowly swing it in a clockwise circle around your candle and map saying, "Spirit of Beauty, Truth, and Knowledge shine your light in our dark world, rise us up from ignorance and barbarism into enlightenment. Usher us into an age of where true talent, art, and knowledge is cultivated and cherished. In the name of Jesus, amen."

Spend a few moments listening to the music, basking in the glow of the candle, and letting your prayers and thoughts reach the farthest reachest of our world.

Remember that a simple candle can light up a dark room and if enough candles are lit a sea of light will blaze up and make this world just that much more beautiful.

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