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Monday, May 16, 2011


As a professional rootworker, magician, and reader I often come across clients who feel that they are under magical attack. These poor individuals have had their life turned upside down, inside out, and frankly feel cursed. Everything they touch turns to vinegar and everywhere they go they find their roads blocked. Despite the utter shit that their lives have been transformed too, interestingly, divination doesn't always point to a curse directed at them.

Now in conjure the idea of "crossed conditions" is considered the ulitimate manifestation of a curse. A person versed in roots can cross you by utlimately tying your pretty little life into knots and while this threat is very much real, it also isn't as likely as people fear.

I would say that 80% of the people who come to me thinking they've been cursed, actually are suffering from something else entirely. I say this because in reality the number of people who truly have the ability to carry out such curses often are interested in other things then attacking you. Why is that? Well that's because magical attack ultimately takes effort. You have to be worth the effort for someone of some skill to go out of their way to curse. And frankly, that doesn't happen all to often.

Are crossed conditions and curses real? Absolutely. I myself have engaged in justified curses and magical assaults and I've seen people who truly suffer from them. However the reality of the matter is that if the person knows what they are doing, then you'll never know what hit you. Before you can blink an eye you'll find your life in a cesspool and you'll have no idea how it got there.

Instead, what we find in most of the cases of the "false curse" is that the person is under the fear that they've been targeted. That fear is so powerful that they have convinced themselves that they are under attack. This leads to a self-fulfilling prophecy where normal every day life shit is interpreted completely out-of-porportion. Your mind is a powerful thing and if you believe there is a wall keeping you from happiness then, that wall is as real as a true brick, or stone obstacle.

To help you truly determine if you've been cursed look for the following signs:

1. A dramatic and sudden shift in your life's rhythm and flow. Spilling coffee on yourself doesn't fulfill this sign, but getting in repeated car accidents does.
2. A drastic turn in your health. Magical work can absolutely impact your health. I'm not talking about cold, I'm talking about your health being dramatically impacted in a way that either results in a medical condition or a physical sensation that is undeniable.
3. Sudden interruptions to your life. This can be things like being physically accosted, or a death in the family.
4. Dark omens. Finding yourself surrounded by flies, having an *unusual* appearance of ravens, crows, owls etc. Or dreaming of your guardian spirits who come to warn  you.
5. Disruptions to your sleep. Night-terrors or spiritual invasions are strong indications of attacks.
6. Attempts to get help are blocked. If you light candles and they suddenly are blown out, if you go to a root doctor, but something keeps you from it then chances are someone may actively be working against you.
7. Feeling disconnected from your life. If you feel like your life is in a miasma, or that you seem completely disjointed from everything around you then you may be suffering from crossed conditions.
8. Foreign thought. If you start to have uncharacteristic thoughts then you may be coming under the influence of someone.
9. Inability to find peace. This doesn't mean loosing a couple nights sleep, it means consistent anxiety and restlessness when you generally don't suffer from anxiety disorders.
10. Relationships start to sour and die out. If old friendship, loves, and family ties suddenly start to sour quickly and all at once, someone may be trying to isolate you.

Now it is important to understand that things happen in life. No single sign can tell you 100% that you are facing a curse. However a prevelance of those issues may point to something that needs to be checked out. This can be done by a reading. Note the signs, don't give into fear, and seek out a professional who can help determine if you are indeed facing magical attack.

As my old Mama Jay once told me, "Roots being thrown happen far less than people fear and far more than they think."


Andrew said...

The threat of curses is real, and never more so than when the curse is cast openly. I live in South Africa, and my friend has a neighbor who hates her, and regularly uses medicine against her.
My friend and her enemy are Xhosa, both active in their traditions. My friend is also a Christian.
She's awoken to find her enemy drawing lines of powder over her doorstep, and her enemy even sent her son to physically assault my friend. At the court hear many months later, the enemy was seen blowing powders around, and by the end of the day, there was a warrant for my friends arrest for not obeying a summons, even though she had been there all day.
The bitch is clearly covering all her bases, but my friend keeps her faith in Jesus, who she knows will save her. Just to be safe, she had a traditional doctor cut bands of little cuts across her lower back with a razor blade, after which he rubbed in some powerful medicine. My friend says she doesn't believe in "all that nonsense" anyway.
I offer to help her with my magic. But I'm out of place -- a white boy playing with Hoodoo in Africa! Of course she doesn't take me seriously.

ConjureMan Ali said...

Of course the threat of curses are real. I state so in my post. However, I find that cases like you mention fall in the minority rather than the majority.

There are methods of magical attack that openly use intimidation and others that rely on the ability to conceal the attack. In either case these are very real threats.

The point however is, that many people who think they are cursed are not. It is the aim of the post to help educate people 5o recognize the signs of a real attack.

M.C. said...

Let me ask you ConjureMan, I dont know why I didnt think to do so before now; When dealing with someone who is among the few who have been legitimately cursed by someone using the rootwork/ conjure techniques, How effectively can the victim be uncrossed and the curse killed and/or reversed using Ceremonial/ Angelic work?

I ask because the issue came up for me a while back; Someone I know who is working with the gulf oil spill cleanup ran afoul of a rootworker out there and has asked me to combat it. I've used Grimoiric Techniques in exorcisms and to reverse "demonic" curses, but I had to decline and refer the friend to a rootworker on the grounds that I havent come across that yet and didnt want use him as a guinea pig.

Any thoughts or guidance?

ConjureMan Ali said...

My, good M. C., you've opened up a whole other can of worms ;-).

The answer is not an easy one. In principle, a person suffering from a curse from one tradition can be cleansed by another. It happens all the time. For example, a person suffering from a curse from a Palero may seek out a Santero, or even undergo a rite of exorcism.

However, I have personally find that uncrossing/cleansing work is easier if it comes at least from a similar tradition that the curse originated from. The reason for this is contingent upon the nature of the magical assault itself.

For example, if a Palero were to curse a person then a rootworker can uncross them by various cleansing methods because those methods seem to target the same points that curse of the Palero has.

Given this, it is definitely possible to undo a curse from one tradition using another, but only if you know how to work with those areas that have been cursed in the first place.

For example an exorcism of body and home may remove a muerto or dead spirit invoked by one of the Africa-derived magical traditions, but an exorcism would not do much if the person was placed in a vinegar jar.

So how would a grimoire magician undo the work of a rootworker? First discover how the attack has resulted (spirit attack, dream-walking, sympathetic magick etc). Then work with a spirit that is a master of that style to target the spots that were used in the curse.

I hope this help some--I shall actually write up a blog on this topic that goes a bit more indepth.

M.C. said...

Much appreciated; I'll look forward to the blog post. I've only recently begin studying Rootwork and Santeria, in the latter case because a Viejita I've known forever is proficient and has persuaded me to open my mind to other options. It will be interesting to read your post, thanks

Andrew said...

Hi, yes, I get that. Your post was well-written and articulate. I just thought I'd share a story of the one and only time I've ever encountered an actual curse, and maybe offer some interesting info about how stuff goes down in Darkest Africa.

ConjureMan Ali said...

Hello Danica,

I got your posts, but unfortunately there we a tad long so I am unable to publish them.

However in your situation, it certainly sounds that you are dealing with a great deal.

In addition to the cleansings you are already doing, set up a regular practice of cleansing yourself and home and place a square of Camphor in the corners of your house to remove all spirirts and entities trying to harm you.

Good luck.

Danica J/v Vuuren said...

Thank you so very much for the advice dear friend. I will definitely do as you advised. I added Hekate sigils in every room and used them as contact points to banish negative spirits from each room. I didn't like the energy one bit as it grew more baneful by the second. But once all was done, everything felt fine.

Thank you again. i will add it this week. I apologize for the long posts.