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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Healing a Broken Heart

Valentine's Day is either a day of great happiness, or it can be a day of quite a bit of bitterness. In modern years there has been an "anti-Valentine's Day" movement. This "movement" is participated in by jilted lovers, poeple bitter with the way their heart has been dealt with, in otherwords it has become a day of heartbreak.

Heartbreak is part of life, but sometimes, like in the case of anti-Valentine's Day, our hurt overshadows our ability to see the beauty of life. When the hurts of life keep you from moving on, when the pain of past relationships overshadow the happy memories, and when you are filled witih sorrow rather than love, then your heart needs some healing.

Here is a work that can help heal that broken heart without cutting ties with our past.

What you'll need:
1 bottle of Healing Oil (or a similar type)
1 bottle of Power Oil (or a similar type)
1 bottle of John the Conqueror Oil if you are a male, or Queen Elizabeth Oil if you are a female (or a similar type)
1 Bottle of Venus Oil (or a similar type)
1 Bottle of Clarity Oil (or a similar type)
Rose Petals
Balms of Gilead
Violet Leaves
Venus Powder
Healing Powder
1 pink candle
1 purple candle
1 white candle

First make yourself a warm bath by brewing the Rose Petals, Balms of Gilead, and Violet Leaves into a teas. Stand in your bath tub and pour this water over your head while washing downward seven times. While you do this pray that as the water runs down your body that it washes you clean of past hurts and pains.

Step out of the tub and collect some of the used bath water. Air dry and take your bath water to crossroads where you'll toss it over your left shoulder while praying that the crossroads scatters your pain far away from you.

When you come back home set up an altar with images of love. Use pink and white colors for an altar cloth. Take a photo of yourself and on the back write out a list of your greatest attributes. Write out everything that is attractive about yourself. If are having a hard time coming up with a list write out a list as what God would see in you. Turn this paper clockwise 1/4th of a turn and cross your list with your name written out in bold and large three times. Make sure that your name crosses and covers your list.

Dab a bit of each of the oils on your finger and five spot your photo. Now take that photo and place it in the center of a triangle of candles. On the bottom left corner of the triangle place the white candle dressed with Healing and Clarity oil. At the bottom right corner place the purple candle dressed with Power oil. If you are a man dress that purple candle with John the Conqueror candle and if you are a woman dress it with Queen Elizabeth Oil.

At the top corner of your triangle place the pink candle dressed with Venus Oil. Now mix your Venus powder with Healing powder and take this compound and trace out a heart around your candle set up and picture.

Pray fervently over this set up that as the candles burn that your hurt's be healed, that you be given the clarity to look at your past relationships not with resentment, but with fondness. Pray with all your heart that your self-confidence be restored and that you begin to see and love yourself as you deserve. Pray that you grow from the past rather than be held back and that you go foward to the future with an open heart.

Light those candles and let them illuminate your heart and mind.

This work is ideal for those situation where you want the hurt to stop, but you still want to be able to take away the good from the situation.

May it be helpful to you and good luck!


Unknown said...

thank you for sharing this. I really like it.

Unknown said...

Is there a version of this that can be worked to heal someone elses heart? This is beautiful but my thoughts are that my bath water will not help someone elses broken heart.

Unknown said...

Thanks for posting this, I think it is really nice but I was wondering if there was a version of this that can be worked for someone else? Can it be altered to heal someone elses broken heart? I would appreciate any and all guidance. Thanks!