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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Spell to get a lover to call

Reconciliation spells and spells aimed at getting wandering lovers to return home are part of the territory of being a rootworker. In reconciliation work of any type communication is huge--in fact many would say that without contact the chances of reconciliation are slim to none. In hoodoo this step is often approached in a variety of ways, including using tricked letters to establish contact first to spells aimed at compelling your target to call you.

There are times when one or the other are called for in love or reconciliation work. Sometimes you have to initiate contact and there are spells aimed at helping to keep your target interested and to get them to respond to your attempts. Then there are spells aimed at getting a lover to contact you first. The topic of this post is going to be the latter.

If there was a spat between you and your lover it is usually best to work with sweeter, more healing types of reconciliation that aim at bringing forgiveness to both parties. However, if your lover is being reticent, this spell can be worked to give them a nudge to contact you.

Here's what you'll need:
1 purple 7-day candle or vigil candle
1 pink 7-day candle or vigil candle
1 red 7-day candle or vigil candle
1 brown 7-day candle or vigil candle
1 love me type of oils (I generally make my own or use a reputable and authentic manufacturer like LuckyMojo. Oils that would work well are Love Me, Come to Me, Reconciliation, Return to Me).
1 command me type of oil (Command Oil, Control Oil, Compelling Oil etc).
Rose Petals
A picture of your target and if you have a piece of hair, great.

Take the photo of your target and on their forehead write the command "Call __" in the blank put your name. Now dab each of the oils in the four corners of the picture and the center. This is called 5-spotting the photo. Fold the photo towards you, as do call out that person's name and command them to call you. Rotate it clockwise 90 degress and fold it towards you again while calling out your command. Do this a total of 3 times until you have a folded up squre. If you have some of your target's hair fold it up with the photo. Set this paper aside.

Now take all of your candles and wipe them down with a cleansing product. I like using Florida Water or similar washes. This act really helps to clean off residue that the candle may have picked up from being handled. On the top of each glass-encased candle poke 3 or 4 holes. This can be done with a skewer, screwdriver or something similar.

Take up your pink candle and drip a little bit of love oil into each of the holes. Make sure not to use too much lest you drown out the wick. Toss in the Rose petals into the holes as well and hold the candle in your hands as you pray ferverently that your target's heart becomes sweet and gentle towards you and that they are inclined to call you.

Now take up the purple candle and add a few drops of your commanding oil and Calamus while you pray that your target is compelled to call you.

Then take up your red candle and dress it with the love oil again, but add Cinnamon to this candle while praying that the fires of love be stroked in your lover's heart and that they are drawn back towards you and quickly.

Finally take up your brown candle and dress it with both oils and sprinkle some Tobacco in the candle. Pray over this candle that your target feels the urge to call you, that the fires of their love are rekindled, and that they cannot resist calling you.

Set up the red, pink, and purple candles in an upright triangle with the purple and pink forming the base of the triangle and the red forming the top. In the center place your brown candle and place your folded up photo under this brown candle. Light them in a clockwise fashion with the brown candle being last. As you light each one call out your lover's name.

Let these candles burn as you pray over them from time to time and call out that your lover returns to you. When the candles have all burned down you can examine the glass for any divinatory signs. Bury any wax remains by your front door and recycle the glass. If your lover hasn't contacted you by the time the candles burned out then take the photo that was placed underneath the brown candle and pin it upside down to the back of the headboard of your bed with a pin in each corner. This last act will cause your lover to dream about you and feel restless until they call you.

Enjoy the spell!


Anonymous said...

I would love for you to conduct this for me; I contacted you via email. I should use this spell we have no contact what so ever and she is beyond reticent lol. But I love her and its been 5 months I am going to get a reading from you!

Unknown said...

I am actually going to try this on my own to see if I can get it to work. I am ordering from Luckymojo.com and do u have any comments or things to say that u could direct me in as it is my first time doing this?

ConjureMan Ali said...

My recommendation: be confident, be optimisitc, and be open to what you are doing and you'll be surprised what you can accomplish.

Anonymous said...

What if you do not have a headboard? Is there an alternate place to put the photo?

Unknown said...

I was wondering if this can be used to reconcile with my inlaws? I know the topic is old but if you could reply I would appreciate that!